We are a Product Design and Development firm. Our engineers have successfully completed projects for a diverse customer base from small independently owned companies to the prestigious Fortune 500.

           We have designed for more than thirty years for a multitude of companies and dealt into various industries for Corporations such as: Firedoor, Electric Boat, Ceres Inc, Celotex, Better Rest Solutions, American Avitron, HIB Inc, Raytheon, Williams Research, Tuboscope, Inc, Trumpf, AMF Engineering & Research, American Bakery Equipment, Head Sporting Equipment, Ben Hogan Sporting Equipment, Paper Handling Products, Synectic Engineering, Hamilton Beach, Revere Corp. of America, American Cystoscope, Ward Leonard Electric, Pitney Bowes, Weston Instruments, Smartek, Hatteras Yachts, Rutgers University, G.E., Ralcan Plastics, Becton Dickinson, Cornell-Carr, Soriano Engineering, Dell/Tech, START, Harley Davidson, Ultimate Interfaces, Wray-Tech Instruments, Textron Lycoming, SPACE Technologies

          Innovative Development specializes in defining the required target design goals while supporting your existing teams with many years of technical expertise, project management and scheduling skills to bring your project to market on time and on budget.  We will bring new creativity and energy to your company’s product development teams.

      We offer complete and personalized engineering solutions from concept through prototype development to final manufacturing.  Our expertise is in plastics design, metals design, electronics design and software development.   We then continue to support you with our in-house web page development and internet presence. 

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